Koura wins Innovation Award for new ‘green’ medical propellant

Global leader in medical propellants, Koura, has been recognised at the Chemical Northwest Awards for Innovation for its new Zephex® 152a medical propellant. 

Koura’s work in innovation is being celebrated for its development of a low-carbon medical propellant, Zephex® 152a. Pressurized metered-dose-inhalers (pMDI) using Zephex® 152a will bring about a greater than 90 percent reduction in the carbon footprint compared to current pMDI propellants 1. 

Simon Gardner, Pharma General Manager at Koura, said: “Bringing Zephex® 152a to this point has been years in the making with numerous teams and individuals all contributing. We’re especially pleased that the work put in has been recognised and the innovative approach to finding environmentally sustainable products to help maintain patient choice has been acknowledged. It is an honour to have this award.”  

The Chemical Northwest Awards is part of the industry-led organisation, Chemicals Northwest, which is also a business network from the Chemical Industries Association. The awards aim to recognise the achievements and success of companies within the chemistry-using industries in the North West and surrounding areas. 




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